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Search Engine Best Practices

Do you want to get a basic understanding of search engine best practices? Welcome to Local Search Teams blog! I hope you find this information useful as you dive into learning about current SEO practices. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. Thank you for visiting.

Optimize Your Website For Search Results

Rank Higher In Organic and Local Searches

Write Descriptive Titles For Your Pages

Creating descriptive titles for your pages is important so people and bots can quickly understand what content your website has inside. 

  1.  Be accurate with what you write. What’s your page about, what’s the Keyphrase and what will people discover on your page? 
  2. Add a descriptive page title that’s no more than 50-60 characters, so your title isn’t broken when it’s displayed in search results. 
  3. Focus on one Keyphrase  and create content that’s easy to read and understand. Be descriptive and write the way you would talk about the subject.
  4. Stick to one topic for that page and create new pages that are focused on other subjects, products, or services on different pages.
Add Complete and Accurate Information To Your Webpages

Add Complete and Accurate Information About Your Products And Services

Adding all the information to your pages that are relevant to your Focus Keyphrase will help search engines see what your page is about and will help you rank higher in local and organic searches

Update Content That Follows Recent Trends

What’s trending in your business? Keep your products and services up to date and follow trends. Add content to your website that focusses on your industries trending products and services. Want to learn more about what’s trending? Check out Google Trends and discover for yourself. Tending products and services get more searches and could help you increase your bottom line if you’re in the forefront of a trend. 

Up To Date Websites Rank Higher In Search Results Pages

Keep Your Websites Content Up To Date

Keeping your website up to date with your latest products, services, and relevant industry information will keep your site fresh and help increase your websites authority in search results. 

Use Text To Describe All Of Your Pages Content

Google and other search engines are reading your text and don’t see your videos, graphics, or images. Be sure to add tags and text to all your content so that search bots can see what’s on your page. 

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